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Shaving Strokes Off Your Golf Game

If you are a golfer who wants some advice that you can actually use. There are certain things that you can do to shave a couple of strokes from your golf game.

The first piece advice that anyone can give you is to try to develop a good sense of rhythm in accordance to your swing and golf game. There are plenty of golfers who get themselves into a bad rhythm which influences bad habits, simply because they rush themselves through the course. The truth is by taking your time and developing a steady swing it can save you on those poorly hit shots thus saving you a stroke or two.

The second piece of advice to shave some strokes off your golf game is to change your putter to one that is more suitable to your tempo and swing. A lot of times golfers tend to use a putter that is either to light or to heavy for them. This can lead to either over hitting or under hitting the golf ball on the putting green, not to mention what it does to your line of the put. That is why many more golfers are now buying a belly putter, it’s a putter with an extended shaft that pokes the golfer’s belly, there able to regulate their putting stroke better since the weight has become more balanced.

The third piece of advice you can use to shave those strokes off your game is to make sure and use the proper tees. A lot of beginners seem to get better results when they tee up the ball high, the added height helps them hit the ball cleanly thus reducing them from scuffing the ground.

The fourth piece of advice that can be given to a golfer in search of shaving a stroke or two from their game is to scout the golf course before your golf game. Even if you just look at the golf course map, this way you can identify the hardest holes and try to come up with a strategy that can help you stay out of the hazard and in play thus reducing your score.

The last piece of advice that can be considered in shaving some strokes off your game is to relax when you are out there, enjoy the game and the golf course when you are out there. Many golfers tend to play with a competitive mind set making them play poorly. Tons of golfers will tell you that having a clear head and positive thinking can help you more with your golf game than any other piece of advice out there.

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