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Overview of Las Vegas Golf Courses

The Arroyo is the only golf course available to the public at the Red Rock Country Club, located close to Red Rock Canyon, golfers can expect amazing views while playing this golf course. This Arnold Palmer signature course has gone through recent upgrades on holes 17 through 19, if you have not played the Arroyo in a while, we recommend you do for a new experience.

The Red Rock Country Club Experience – Because the Arroyo is located at Red Rock Country Club you can expect a true country club experience. Red Rock Country Club was originally built as a private club featuring an 18 hole golf course. An additional 18 holes were added and the combined 36 holes were divided between two golf courses. The Arroyo features several holes that were part of the original Red Rock Country Club.

The Arroyo Golf Course is not overly long, only 6,800 yards, but it makes up for it on the par-3’s. This is a classic golf course offering different sets of tees to accommodate any level of golfer. The fairways are generous but the greens are well protected by water and sand.

The Las Vegas Country Club offers a vintage experience for golfers who want to experience some true Las Vegas history. With panoramas of the Las Vegas cityscape, this private golf course is a pure pleasure to play. It will test players’ shotmaking skills throughout the round. Designed by Edmond B. Ault, the course first opened in the fall of 1967 and has been a staple of Las Vegas golf ever since. Enjoy the 44,000 square foot clubhouse, along with the grill and atmosphere you’ll find here.

Reflection Bay Golf Club was the first public golf course to open at the Lake Las Vegas Resort. The golf course plays host to the nationally televised “Wendy’s Three Tour Challenge”.

Reflection Bay is fairly long playing over 7,200 yards but several elevation changes shorten the golf course from the card length. One of the main features of Reflection Bay Golf Course is the use of water as both a hazard and visual enhancement, the course features 5 holes which play along the shoreline of the beautiful Lake Las Vegas.

Reflection Bay Golf Club features many of the characteristics that you would expect to find on a Jack Nicklaus design as well as a 5-Star golf resort. Wide fairways, large greens, a n innovative forecaddie program and great course conditions can always be expected at Reflec tion Bay.

Siena Golf Club opened in 1999, the golf course couples deep bunkers and several reachable par-5’s to provide character to the course.

Great Course Conditions Year Round at Siena Golf Club. Siena Golf Club prides itself on great course conditions and fast greens. The greens utilize a special grain of Rye Grass which thrives in both hot and cold conditions, making Siena one of the best choices for Summer and Winter golf in Las Vegas. Siena measures only slightly over 6,800 yards from the back tees but still challenges golfers of all skill levels.

Siena Golf Club was designed by Schmidt-Curley, who spent much of their early career studying under Jack Nicklaus and Pete Dye. The greens at Siena represent the putting ability of Jack Nicklaus. These greens are typically fast, large and have lots of swells on them. Checking the location of the pin is a must at Siena Golf Club. Playing Siena Golf Club. The 18th hole on the Siena Golf Course is a great finishing hole. This short par-4 is onl y 400 yards but plays uphill from the tee. The tee shot must carry to the upper level of the fairway to have any chance of going for the green. On the right side of the hole is another menacing bunker and out of bonds. The best line on this hole is the lone tree that sits on the left side of the fairway. Try to hit the power fade and get as close to this green as possible. The fairway slopes from left to right so the ground will act as a buffer from the left rough.

Silverstone Golf Club in Las Vegas offers 27 championship holes surrounded with lush greens, rolling mounds, and spectacular views of Sheep Mountain. Silverstone will test the best of golfers. With four sets of tee boxes on each hole, this golf course provides a challenging and memorable experience for golfers of all levels. Silverstone is conveniently located 25-30 minutes from the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Definitely three unforgettable nine-hole layouts you’ll enjoy again and again and again.

The Falls Golf Club is one of the signature golf courses located at the Lake Las Vegas Resort. This resort is located about 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. The golf course was designed by Tom Weiskopf who directed the Falls between rugged desert landscape and shoreline holes.

The Falls Golf Club recently introduced a forecaddie program that pairs one caddy with each group to help with local golf course knowledge and perform the duties you would expect from the a tour caddy. These duties include raking bunkers, cleaning golf balls and reading putts.

The Falls Golf Club is very well manicured and golf course conditions are extremely important. Both the fairways and greens are fast and the ball tends to roll. This will be another factor in shortening the length of this golf course. It is not unusual to hit several 300 yard drives during the day.

The back nine starts across the road and into the hills that surround the lake. The back nine has far more dramatic elevation changes than the front nine. The 12th hole is a medium length par-5 that features a semi-blind tee shot. The best line off the tee is toward the bunker located on the right side of the center fairway.

The Falls Golf Club is a great test of golf. The numerous sets of tees, fast fairways, good variety of holes and great courses conditions make it fun for any skill level of golfer. The added touch of a forecaddie really enhances the experience. With several hotels in the a rea this is a great place to spend the week.

TPC Las Vegas (formerly TPC Canyons) is the only PGA Tour owned public facility in Las Vegas. TPC Las Vegas has been hosting professional golf events for the past decade

TPC Las Vegas offers you A PGA Tour Experience – TPC Las Vegas is a great chance for the average golfer to play a golf course the PGA pros play. In an attempt to make the experience as real as possible, TPC Las Vegas has a forecaddie program in place depending on the season. Each group has one caddie that will act as a guide around the golf course. They will let players know yardages, tend pins and help the players out in any way possible.

TPC Las Vegas plays slightly over 7,000 yards and cuts a path through the rugged desert that surrounds the golf course. On many holes the player will be forced to carry a desert area in order to find the fairway. There is only one hole on the golf course that has water next to the green. The 18th hole is a very dramatic and demanding finishing hole.

TPC Las Vegas is PGA Tour Conditions Open To the Public – TPC Las Vegas is usually in tournament condition. Many touring professionals who reside in Las Vegas like to practice at this facility. Touring professionals like to practice in conditions they experience week in and out on the tour, TPC Las Vegas provides this on a regular basis.

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Controlling Swing Speed with Driver Loft in Golf

Over the years, I realized that some golfers simply don’t have the proper equipment to play golf and this could kill your decision to continue or to stop this beautiful sport. All I hear on a golf club is remarks about their swing, but never on equipment. They think that any sets, the cheapest, could fit to play this game, because they don’t play enough during the season. I never said and will never say that, buying more expensive clubs, will make you play better. However if you have the proper equipment for your swing, specially amateur golfers, not only will you enjoy this sport, you will become addicted, as this is the best drug I ever took on my life.

With the advance technology of the golf balls with lower spin rates, manufactures found something new with drivers. During the 80s and 90s people thought that lower the loft, farther the ball would go. What the golf research has found is that in order to obtain distance, the club head should launch the ball at higher angles than in the past. This means that many of us are probably playing drivers with too little loft. Driver loft should match your swing speed. The slower your swing speed, the more lot you should have. If your normal swing speed is between 80 and 90 (the average for most male golfers) you should be using a driver with about 12 degrees of loft. Combined with the new balls this means your launch angle and spin rate will be optimized.

Like I always said in the past, when shopping for a driver in a golf store, if the salesman tells you, that, with that special driver, you will hit 250 yards, knowing your swing speed at 80, just change the salesman or even the store as they are only there to make money with you.

Of course this is just a base recommendation. Reason is, if your swing speed is 100 miles per hour, and because of your golf swing, you are hitting very low, there is always an option to change to a higher loft; however your shaft could be also a problem if you have a very low torque. The best recommendation would be to see a professional custom builder, who has the equipment to verify your swing speed, shafts, golf balls that you are using, the length, etc. He will be able to make recommendations to obtain the normal distance, according to your speed. Remember, he will not make a Tiger Wood with you!

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Golf Gifts and Golf Grip Kits

Gifts, as is known are matter of expressing intimacy and are exchanged without price. Golf gifts are no exception. Being a golfer when you think of gifting something to anyone the first thing which will come to your mind will surely be the golf gift. Usually golf gifts are given to potential young golfers to encourage them to play more and more golf.

You have to choose perfect golf gifts for these young beginners considering their style. You have plenty of golf articles and accessories to choose from. To name some of golf gifts they are golf clubs, golf irons, golf bags, golf knickers, classic ball case etc. IN the succeeding paragraphs we will elaborate on importance of each golf gift.

In my opinion golf books are the best golf gifts for beginners. A beginner learns lot of things about game and adds to his/her knowledge of the game by reading golf books.

Next come golf lessons. These lessons help potential beginners to decide whether he/she really wants to take the game or he/she likes the golf or not. Golf lessons, golf books and CDs/DVDs are excellent golf gifts for beginners.

Many beginners start playing golf with hired or borrowed golf clubs. Usually, golf clubs are considered as matter of personal choice. However, one may not be willing to purchase expensive golf clubs at the beginning. For such people first set of golf club is considered as best gift amongst other golf gifts. Remember to present these golf clubs in a golf bag.

There are number of golf accessories available in markets which as categorized as golf gifts. Golf gloves, ball markers and tees, though some what expensive, are nice golf gifts. Depending to you affordability and intimacy to the person you are going to present golf gifts you may like to present a full set of golf starter kit to a potential beginner.

Golf balls are also the popular articles for presenting as golf gifts. Beginners are not concerned about the type, compression and construction of these golf balls. You can choose golf balls personalizing with nickname, name or customs logo of the beginner. Only disadvantage of gifting such golf balls is that if the ball is lost the person to whom you have gifted it may get upset.

Golf shoes are other option from the golf gifts. Golf shoes are basic requirement for playing golf. Choosing a right shoe that will be fitting and providing comfort to the person you are gifting is not an easy task. Remember you have alternate option of gift certificate. Instead of presenting golf shoes as golf gifts, present a gift certificate and allow him/her to purchase shoes of his/her choice.

Golf courses are considered to be one of the expensive ventures of sports due to their fees structure. To avoid such expensive venture, driving ranges are considered to be best alternative. Presenting a membership of driving range may be the best among golf gifts for a beginner.

Ball tokens, golf gift certificates and 10 bucket pass are the other golf gifts available. Golf gifts are considered to be a motivating factor for beginners.

Golf Grip kits are a common phenomenon amongst golfers. Golfers are always choosy about their golf grip kits. Golf grip kits consist of tape, instruction book and a CD or DVD containing photos about use of golf equipments. Usually, golf grip kits are provided with golf irons and golf grips. Golf grip kits provide you all information like specification, maintenance guide and instruction about the handling of the equipment. Golf grip kits are of utmost importance for the beginners are they get the required information of golf equipments through these golf grip kits.

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Shaving Strokes Off Your Golf Game

If you are a golfer who wants some advice that you can actually use. There are certain things that you can do to shave a couple of strokes from your golf game.

The first piece advice that anyone can give you is to try to develop a good sense of rhythm in accordance to your swing and golf game. There are plenty of golfers who get themselves into a bad rhythm which influences bad habits, simply because they rush themselves through the course. The truth is by taking your time and developing a steady swing it can save you on those poorly hit shots thus saving you a stroke or two.

The second piece of advice to shave some strokes off your golf game is to change your putter to one that is more suitable to your tempo and swing. A lot of times golfers tend to use a putter that is either to light or to heavy for them. This can lead to either over hitting or under hitting the golf ball on the putting green, not to mention what it does to your line of the put. That is why many more golfers are now buying a belly putter, it’s a putter with an extended shaft that pokes the golfer’s belly, there able to regulate their putting stroke better since the weight has become more balanced.

The third piece of advice you can use to shave those strokes off your game is to make sure and use the proper tees. A lot of beginners seem to get better results when they tee up the ball high, the added height helps them hit the ball cleanly thus reducing them from scuffing the ground.

The fourth piece of advice that can be given to a golfer in search of shaving a stroke or two from their game is to scout the golf course before your golf game. Even if you just look at the golf course map, this way you can identify the hardest holes and try to come up with a strategy that can help you stay out of the hazard and in play thus reducing your score.

The last piece of advice that can be considered in shaving some strokes off your game is to relax when you are out there, enjoy the game and the golf course when you are out there. Many golfers tend to play with a competitive mind set making them play poorly. Tons of golfers will tell you that having a clear head and positive thinking can help you more with your golf game than any other piece of advice out there.

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Why golf ball has dimples ?

The answer to this question can be found by looking at the aerodynamic drag on a sphere. There are two types of drag experienced by a sphere. The first is the obvious drag due to friction. This only accounts for a small part of the drag experienced by a ball. The majority of the drag comes from the separation of the flow behind the ball and is known as pressure drag due to separation. For laminar flow past a sphere, the flow separates very early as shown in Figure 1. However, for a turbulent flow, separation is delayed as can be seen in Figure 2. Notice the difference in the size of the separation region behind the spheres. The separation region in the turbulent case is much smaller than in the laminar case. The larger separation region of the laminar case implies a larger pressure drag on the sphere. This is why the professor experienced a longer drive with the marked ball. The surface roughness caused the flow to transition from laminar to turbulent. The Book results for enterprise risk shows turbulent flow has more energy than the laminar flow and thus, the flow stays attached longer.

Laminar flow fig 1

Turbulent Flow fig 2

So, why dimples? Why not use another method to achieve the same affect? The critical Reynolds number, Recr, holds the answer to this question. As you recall, Recr is the Reynolds number at which the flow transitions from a laminar to a turbulent state. For a smooth sphere, Recr is much larger than the average Reynolds number experienced by a golf ball. For a sand roughened golf ball, the reduction in drag at Recr is greater than that of the dimpled golf ball. However, as the Reyn olds number continues to increase, the drag increases. The dimpled ball, on the other hand, has a lower Recr, and the drag is fairly constant for Reynolds numbers greater than Recr.

Therefore, the dimples cause Recr to decrease which implies that the flow becomes turbulent at a lower velocity than on a smooth sphere. This in turn causes the flow to remain attached longer on a dimpled golf ball which implies a reduction in drag. As the speed of the dimpled golf ball is increased, the drag doesn’t change much. This is a good property in a sport like golf.

Although round dimples were accepted as the standard, a variety of other shapes were experimented with as well. Among these were squares, rectangles, and hexagons. The hexagons actually result in a lower drag than the round dimples. Perhaps in the future we will see golf balls with hexagonal dimples

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Origin of the Game: Golf

A golf-like game is recorded as taking place on 26 February 1297, in the Netherlands, in a city called Loenen aan de Vecht. Here the Dutch played a game with a stick and leather ball. Whoever hit the ball into a target several hundreds of meters away the most number of times, won. However, golf is generally considered to be a Scottish invention, as the game was mentioned in two 15th-century Acts of the Scottish Parliament, prohibiting the playing of the game of gowf. Scholars, however, suggest that this refers to another game which is much akin to shinty or hurling, or to modern field hockey rather than golf. They point out that a game of putting a small ball in a hole in the ground using golf clubs was played in 17th-century Netherlands rather than Scotland. The word golf is an alteration of Dutch “kolf” meaning “stick, “club” and “bat” . There are reports of even earlier accounts of golf from continental Europe.

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